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How To Get Rid Of Keto Flu?

How To Get Rid Of Keto Flu?

Hi guys, talking to you about the keto flu and how to get rid of it? so one of the main things when people get started on a ketogenic diet, is that they feel like crap, so people know of this as a keto flu, so what is happening here is that your body is changing over its fuel sources and a lot of changes are happening, so you're gonna dump a lot of water and with that goes a lot of electrolytes which basically make people feel like crap.
How To Get Rid Of Keto Flu?
How To Get Rid Of Keto Flu?

 The biggest thing to do to make sure that you don't feel like crap on a ketogenic diet, especially when you're switching over to it for the first time doesn't sound that sexy, but it's eating real food and so when you're eating really awful processed food a lot of times, people are eating pretty well and they switch to a ketogenic diet, but then they start eating a lot of processed stuff not good, so you're gonna feel like crap no matter what if you're doing that.

Tips To Getting Rid Of Keto Flu

 Number one tip: is just eat real food when you switch to a ketogenic diet.

 Number two and another really really important fact is that you need to be taking electrolytes, so pink salt really helps here, but there's a lot of different electrolyte powders and pills that you can take, especially in that first week to two weeks, that can eliminate a lot of these keto flu symptoms, so again your body will start screening a lot of water and with that goes a lot of electrolytes, so when you're low on electrolytes a lot of bodily functions, just tank that will balance over time, your body will adjust to it, but in the beginning taking the electrolytes in exogenous form is a huge  win.
 Number three exogenous ketones, so what happens when you take away carbohydrates as a fuel and you ask your body to start making ketones for an alternative fuel, that you don't really have the receptors that you need to start burning ketones yeah, so your body the machinery in it literally has to change over to make new receptors in your cells, so that way you can actually start producing and using the ketones as fuel, so the way to get around that in the beginning when you're viewed just starting cue drink diet is to use exogenous ketones so those are just a ketones in a supplement form that you can take and drink anybody goes.

These are the things that I'm supposed to be used for energy not carbohydrates and will start to ramp up your ketone production faster.


  •  Eat real food.
  •  Electrolytes. 
  •  Exogenous ketones and you blast through your keto flu symptoms. 

It was some tips to get rid of keto flu symptoms.

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