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Keto Constipation Treatment Without Pharmaceutical Laxative

Keto Constipation Treatment Without Pharmaceutical Laxative

Keto Constipation Treatment Without Laxative
Keto Constipation Treatment Without Pharmaceutical Laxative
Today's topic of discussion is constipation Treatment on the ketogenic diet.
 If you're following my Articles, then you might know that my solutions to the problems are based on ancient wisdom apply to the modern science, believe it or not, the main cause of constipation is the acidic foods that we're eating on a ketogenic diet.

Constipation Treatment - Naural Laxative Keto -

 Food is categorized into two types acidic foods or acid-forming foods and alkaline foods.
 Acidic foods are the foods that cause the body to be more acidic rather than alkaline in terms of ancient medicine. 
Acidic force generates heat in the body, this is called pitching iron, whether red meat chicken fish and eggs are all examples of acidic foods. 

Whereas alkaline foods make the body alkaline, fruits and vegetables are all alkaline foods, so when we're doing ketogenic diet, we tend to eat more acidic force or heat-generating force than alkaline foods, this increases body temperature and dries up our stools, this also means that your body is more acidic than alkaline, you want to have your urinary pH it close to seven in the situation number one thing you want to do is eat more vegetables with your meals, but that's not a quick fix.

 If you ask me the ultimate solution (natural keto laxative) to the problem (keto constipation) that is quick and effective and does not make you addicted to the stool softeners, and it is from your own kitchen, then here you go for this simple remedy take baking soda or sodium bicarbonate 1/4 teaspoon - half a glass of water 2 times a day, once in the evening, and once in the morning, believe it or not this simple remedy increases your body's alkalinity, and boom your problem is solved without 
keto pharmaceuticals Laxative , but there is a catch it doesn't work in certain situations.

 Number one: you have lack of electrolytes in your body, you might want to increase your salt intake maybe by adding a little salt to the water, every time you're drinking having sufficient potassium levels is in your body taking some magnesium supplements, also helps in constipation the most effective one here is magnesium straight. 

Number two: if you have a lack of antioxidants in your body, then a baking soda remedy doesn't work for this. 
I prefer sodium ascorbate vitamin c you which is an alkaline form vitamin C, and change some vitamin E if you have harmony imbalance may be due to lack of iodine in the body, then baking soda remedy doesn't work you might want to reduce consumption of cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli or cabbage or cauliflower, so that iodine is absorbed into the body.

 Finally, I would like to add that according to ancient wisdom, today we're so much indulged in bad habits, the stomach muscles are not working as they should be, we eat food too fast and don't chew enough, remember digestion starts from mouth we need to chew the food and make it liquid before swallowing, believe it or not, eating heavy meal before sleep or eating high-fat meal than sleeping within three hours after eating causes constipation, one last tip consuming coconut oil acts as intestinal lubricant and prevents constipation.
It was: Keto Constipation Treatment - Natural Keto Laxative -

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